Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah Rolfing. I'm a Sr. Demand Marketing Manager for a cloud company in the California bay area. We primarily use On24 for lead generation and nurturing. Looking forward to connecting with this community to share and learn best practices from all you smart people!

Hi, my name is Miles Szkoda. I work as a web content manager and webinar manager for VertMarkets which is a B2B publisher of several magazines and websites covering Field Service Technologies, the IT Channel, Healthcare IT, Retail Technologies, Food Manufacturing, Life Science Indsutries, and many others. We use On24 to host webinars sponsored by our advertising partners and for internal webinars focused on promoting our live events.

Hi everyone! My name is Jae Corey, I am a Director of Marketing in charge of all of our global field marketing events and customer programs from Deltek, the leading project based software company that helps project based business be more profitable and efficient We do over 600 webinars on ON24 a year around the world!

Hello! My name is Rachel Gonzalez and I'm the Content Marketing and Sales Enablement Manager at InTouch Health, an enterprise telehealth solutions and services company. I'm responsible for developing, repurposing, and refreshing our content, and a big part of that is webinars.

Hi there! My name is Brooke Long and I work as a Senior Marketing Manager of Customer Programs Deltek and also manage our customer advocacy program. I love to see how advocates are using the customer advocacy program!

Hello all, I am Phillip Angerhofer. I am a member of the campaigns and events team at Qualtrics, and webinars are my primary responsibility. I also work on our customer events, like the Qualtrics Insight Summit. I work closely with our product marketers to leverage the content they are producing.

Hello, my name is Allen. I am an Event Manager, producing more than 50 webinars each year. I look forward to interacting with everyone.

Hi! I'm Masha, I run demand generation for BetterWorks. We use ON24 for both internal and external webinars, would love to know what are the favorite features of ON24 for everybody.

Im the Demand Gen Specialist at Puppet, and manage all of our outbound email marketing and webinars!

Hi, I am a Project Manager that is currently leveraging ON24 for approximately 40 webinars throughout the year.

I'm Emily Kurze and I'm the Marketing Programs Manager at The Linux Foundation. We're a non-profit that hosts the development of over 50 open source technology projects from the Linux operating system to cloud, networking and blockchain technologies. I run our webinar program start to finish as well as work on other campaigns and marketing automation projects.

I'm Alicia, like the singer, without the talent. ON24 spared me my sanity from GTW, which is based in the same city as my amazing company Procore. We just got unicorn status, which has been an incredible experience. Since I started, we've doubled our webinars from 40 to about 80 and are on pace for close to 100 this year with a team of...well, me, plus my amazing marketing department who make webinars a priority despite the hundreds of other initiatives we have. Also, I like cats and Taylor Swift. I'd love to ask that as a poll question one day but doubt it would tie in with construction very well.

I'm Brandon Berg, I work as a Sr. Manager, Partner Programs at Infoblox. Looking to expand our webinar offerings for parnters and utilize the referal/tracking component of On24 to enable our partners to participate in the lead gen efforts we currently do today.

Hi I am Angela Senior Develooment Manager at ESOMAR a non profit association whose mission is encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide. We have been running webinars since 2010 and have seen a huge increase in registrations and engagement since we started using ON24 in 2015. Big fans!

Hi my name is Cassandra and I am the Sr. Manager of Webinar Programs at NVIDIA. I've just recenlty gotten set up on ON24. I used them at Oracle, but not as hands on so many of the Elite features are new to me. Excited to be part of this community and to learn from all of you wonderful webinar experts!

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Lauka and I'm the Associate Director of Education for Alpha Kappa Psi, the professional business fraternity. I'm excited to better learn how to utilize ON24 and its features to educate our student members!

Hi there! I'm Bethany Chambers, director of audience engagement for North Coast Media, the largest B2B publisher headquartered in downtown Cleveland, Ohio! (No comments about the Cavs today, please.) Our publications and brands are in the industrial & services sector & we use On24 for editorial, marketing and training webinars.

Shout-out from a fellow Clevelander!

Harsh reality, Osman!

Happy Wednesday to everyone! My name is Nick Rojas and I'm a Marketing Project Manager at WePay. We're a few months in to doing webinars and seeing some success, but always up for learning best practices!